Recycle NOW!

After years of inaction, PSU has finally caught up with the times by hiring Michele Crim as Sustainability Coordinator to inititate a campus-wide recycling and sustainability program. After only three months on the job, Crim has begun preparations to recycle everything from computer paper and print cartridges to dead batteries and Styrofoam. Unfortunately, this program cannot begin until next year when the current waste removal contract expires. In the meantime, all of us on campus can make amends for the inadequate services we have now. Buy your lunch from one of the sellers using paper bowls, not plastic. Clean and use the same plastic spoon or fork all day or even all week. Need scratch and extra notepaper? Go to the computer lab and salvage a few sheets from their to-be-recycled blue bin supply. The cafeteria in Smith Center has a water dispenser in their soda machine, buy a bottle of water and refill it each time, don’t throw it away after one use. Recycling and sustainability don’t have to rely on waste removal services, alone. Choose to recycle something everyday and make sustainable now.

Hannah Kellogg
post-bac, pre-med