Seussical the Musical

(Don’t think I don’t know how lame that it is

To open a preview in parenthesis,

Or to try, how hopelessly!, to emulate

The style of Seuss, the late and the great!)

Now that it’s started, this crap can’t be stopped

Until, like the Lorax, I find myself chopped

I’m glancing about, so that no one will see,

I’m changing my name to Star-Bellied B.!

This play combines Cats and Elephants (tame)

The one in the hat and Horton (of “Hoo” fame)

The best Seuss work sadly did not make the cut,

His Spanish-American Dictionary, that’s what!

Or the one where the beasts hold such a grudge

That both from one spot simply will not budge

Time marches on like a grand game of chess

That would be boring to watch, I confess!

So here is the part where the rhyming gets rough

I may make up words like “higgledy-puff”

The part of “The Cat” will be played by Cathy

Rigby, who also played Oz’s Dorothy.

That was weak, that was weak, and it only gets worse!

Double-space, double-space, and be done with this verse!

So if these bad rhymes do not make you nostalgic

For one whose were better and much less lethargic

Then you never read Dr. Seuss as a youth

You skipped straight to Camus, berets and vermouth!

It’s a musical, yes, it is praised and it rhymes.

Maybe the show will bring back better times

Maybe it’s been bastardized by The Man

Either way, Dr. Seuss should never be banned!