Sewing is the new black

It is incredibly hard to be convincing when trying to tell people sewing and crafts are cool. The image that my sewing room conjures for most people is of a nerdy, partitioned off space where no one younger than the age of 40 would want to be. Sewing is for nerds and old people, right?

Wrong my friend, dead wrong. Sewing is awesome, and not in some overly chipper, amped-up Girl Scout leader kind of way. Sewing is the best hobby I can think of. My sewing room is flawless. I had to go to great lengths in order to create the right surroundings for my hobby.

First, I had to have a house with a guest bedroom; this is not something that I can take credit for, it just worked out that way. Then, I had to convince my mother to lend me her vintage Singer machine; this was relatively easy because even my mom thinks sewing sucks. Then I pilfered a nice big table left over from the previous homeowners, it’s coming along quite nicely wouldn’t you say?

The last and most important part of my personalized sewing room is the TV and VCR. I know, I am mixing hobbies here, but the best part of having the day to work on a sewing project is also being able to have a favorite movie playing in the background.

Lately my sewing project film has been “Housesitter” starring the lovely and talented Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin. It’s a winner.

Now let’s move on.

Over the break I have several projects in mind. The first is a set of curtains for said sewing room. I luckily have some left-over fabric so it should be a breeze. First it will be necessary to find the right film to compliment the project. My choice will no doubt be the 1987 masterpiece starring Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd, “Dragnet.” But as a backup I will also keep my copy of the classic Coen Brothers film “Raising Arizona” on hand in case the project outlasts the first film.

The actual sewing part isn’t that interesting, it’s about ambiance man.

However, although I would like to spend the entirety of my free time during break sewing, as a college student who lives on a budget, the only true downfall to any hobby, but sewing in particular, is the cost. People assume somehow that because sewing is a DIY undertaking that it is cheap. But I am afraid to say it is not. Hey wait isn’t DIY a cool hipster term? Maybe sewing isn’t for nerds after all!

Try it on for size, who knows, you might like it.