SFC Members

Ana Johns
This year Johns impressed us with her strong and competent showing on the University Publications Board and in her work with ASPSU. Johns has a real grip of the issues in front of her and an interest in the SFC process. We feel that during her tenure on the committee Johns will add a flair of professionalism and a clear, strident voice for balanced decision making.

Anousa Sengsavanh
We haven’t had much experience with Sengsavanh as a member of the ASPSU senate, but he comes with strong recommendations from both Amanda Barron and Erin Devaney. It’s rare that a candidate for anything in student government receives broad support and it’s hard not to take that as a sign of Sengsavanh’s competence. As a returning student and single parent he will undoubtedly add a measured and important perspective to the sometimes-volatile committee.

Student Senate

Kento Azegami
Azegami first caught our eye while volunteering for VoteMob! last November. This young Alaskan native is immensely passionate about politics in general and we feel that his intensity and interest will be invaluable assets to the oft-stagnant student senate.

Meaghan Mayeda
Mayeda, a California native with a background in multicultural non-profits and charity work, impressed us with her clear and strong advocacy for three basic issues: greater transparency in ASPSU, 24-hour library services and advocacy for current Aramark workers’ ability to unionize. While she hasn’t been involved in ASPSU in before, Mayeda’s articulate consideration of three hot-button campus issues make us feel she is a great candidate for the job.