Solar eclipse of the heart playlist

Total Eclipse of the Black Hole Sun

I live for excuses for a Bonnie Tyler song. She is, after all, like a karaoke cheat code, and on Monday, Aug. 21, she got the moment of a lifetime in her career when she reportedly performed “Total Eclipse of the Heart” during the eclipse aboard a cruise ship. Tyler has been honored with countless rotations of her discography, and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” absolutely deserved its moment in the sun (pun intended). But what did you have as a backup in case you hit play out of sync with totality, and what did you listen to in the afterglow of the cosmic event once said by our ancestors to predict the deaths of rulers?

“Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden was another popular choice, but did you know Chris Cornell (R.I.P.) had another cosmic phenomenon–themed song in his catalog?

Portland State Vanguard queried staff and readership to find out what they listened to on a special Monday morning Portland won’t see for another century and a half. These bops will hopefully be the foundation of what could become an exotic hobby, should you start traveling the country for the next eclipses to cross the United States in the coming years (the next is set to arrive while many of you reading this are pursuing your post-bachelors programs) or, should our great–great grandchildren survive to a nuclear fallout–free future, may they have the firm foundation for a canon of truly legendary bops upon which their fugly parents will build.

Eclipse Playlist

  1. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” — Bonnie Tyler
  2. “Black Hole Sun” — Soundgarden
  3. “Seven Wonders” — Stevie Nicks
  4. “Far Side of the Moon” — Tinashe
  5. “Star Are Blind” — Paris Hilton
  6. “Iridescent” — Linkin Park
  7. “Cosmic Love” — Florence + the Machine
  8. “Staring at the Sun” — TV on the Radio
  9. “Staring to the Sun” — scarling.
  10. “Blue Moon” — Elvis Presley
  11. “I See the Moon” — Nancy Sinatra
  12. “Mr. Brightside” — The Killers
  13. “Moon River” — Henry Mancini and His Orchestra
  14. “Heroin” — Lana del Rey
  15. “You’re So Vain (You Think This Song is About You)” — Carly Simon
  16. “My Moon My Man” — Feist
  17. “Shadow on the Sun” — Audioslave
  18. “Supermassive Black Hole” — Muse
  19. “Moonshine” — Jack Johnson
  20. “Total Eclipse” — Klaus Nomi
  21. “Dance in the Dark” — Lady Gaga
  22. “These Stars” — Moon Bros.
  23. “No Light, No Light” — Florence + the Machine
  24. “Dancing in the Dark” — Bruce Springsteen
  25. “Ain’t No Sunshine” — Bill Withers
  26. “Blue Velvet” — Bobby Vinton
  27. “Fly Me to the Moon” — Frank Sinatra
  28. “Iris” — Goo Goo Dolls
  29. “In the Sun” — Joseph Arthur
  30. “Bad Moon Rising” — CCR
  31. “The Killing Moon” — Echo and the Bunnymen
  32. “Moon and Sand” — Kenny Burrell
  33. “Sandstorm” — Darude
  34. “Pretty Girls” — Britney Spears x Iggy Azalea
  35. Film soundtrack: “Il dolce suono” from The Fifth Element (1997)
  36. Musical soundtrack: Little Shop of Horrors 
  37. Film soundtrack: Melancholia (2011)
  38. Anything by: Camera Obscura
  39. Anything by: Sun Ra
  40. All of: Dark Side of the Moon — Pink Floyd