SOU bans military recruiters

ASHLAND, Ore. (AP) – Students at Southern Oregon University have voted to ban military recruiters as well as recruiting material from the university’s student union.

The nine-member student senate passed a resolution this week calling for the ban at the Stevenson Union, a multipurpose building where students congregate to study, eat and hold meetings.

Students reasoned they should exclude recruiters because the military violates the university’s anti-discrimination policies by barring homosexuals and preventing women from certain jobs, such as combat.

Southern Oregon University now joins the Harvard Law School, the University of California-Berkeley, the City College of New York and others schools that have barred recruiters from their campuses.

Resolutions passed by the student senate are considered recommendations to the university, but Diane Brimmer, the vice president of student affairs, said she sees no problem with the ban, which goes into effect June 13.