Sports Briefs

San Antonio Saints?

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson doesn’t know if his beleaguered team will ever play another game in the Big Easy. While the Saints obviously won’t be playing in the Superdome this NFL season, just where they will be playing in the short and long-term is far from set in stone. Most of the Saints are holed up in San Antonio, and Benson has mentioned that perhaps the Alamo City will become a permanent home for the his team. Other recent reports list Los Angeles and Baton Rouge as possible homes for 2005 and possible long-term solutions for the ailing ‘Aints.


Seattle all ‘roided up’

Rookie shortstop Mike Morse became the third Seattle Mariner to be suspended under the MLB’s new, harsher steroid policy on Sept. 7, reported. A third of the players suspended in 2005 have been Mariners, leading to the question, “Is this coincidence or are the Mariners incapable of monitoring their own clubhouse?” Seattle’s problem with performance enhancers is ironic considering that aside from Richie Sexson, no Mariner has over 20 home runs. Seattle has only 116 homers on the year.