Spotlight: Athlete of the Week

Senior Nick Trubachik sets records in the heptathlon and the kitchen

Daily Vanguard: Why did you come to Portland State?
Nick Trubachik:
I came to Portland State because the Division I track had better competition and it wasn’t too far away from my home. And it’s in the city, so Portland State was a good option for me.

DV: What was your best moment on the field?
In my sophomore year, I won the Big Sky Conference for the outdoor decathlon and then my teammate—and best friend—Vince Kenny got third that year, so it was a really good time and we had a lot of fun. There are tons of other best moments. I’ve had a lot of good times on this team.

DV: If you could change one rule in track or the decathlon, what would it be?
Um…I’m not sure. In the past, I’ve said an optional 1,500-meter at the last event. A lot of the decathletes say they don’t want to run four laps—it’s a really tough race, it gets really tiring after two days. I guess another one would be…I don’t know. I like track the way it is.

DV: What is your greatest strength?
The jumping and throwing events.

DV: Which is your favorite place to eat around campus?
Cheerful Tortoise. It gets really crowded.

DV: What is your favorite thing to do around Portland?
Mostly, I like to go out with friends. During the summertime, I would go on biking trips with my friends and walk around a lot. I like just being outside.

DV: What is the first item that you would buy if you won the lottery?
First, I would pay off college. And then…I don’t know. I’d probably get a house, but nothing too crazy.

DV: What was your most embarrassing moment on the field?
Last year, at conference, when I was doing the long jump I got really excited and I yelled four steps out and completely messed up my long jump. It was really embarrassing.

DV: Do you have any hidden talents?
I’m learning how to play the guitar.

DV: Do you have any nicknames?
A lot of people call me Trub, because it’s really hard to pronounce my last name. It’s just a short nickname everyone can get.

DV: What is the last thing you cooked?
I cooked caribou actually. It’s weird—we went on a trip to Montana to see our friends on their track team, and they had caribou in the freezer. They said, “Go ahead and take this home with you.” So I made caribou steaks with mashed potatoes and green beans.

DV: If you could attend one concert or sporting event anywhere, what would it be?
I would either want to see the Olympics or World Track and Field, or actually participate in London 2012—hopefully.

DV: What has been your favorite class at Portland State?
Environmental Health with Tony Uliano. He brought up a lot of new ideas I never thought of before, and made me think about a lot of new things.

DV: What is on your iPod right now?
MSI, MGMT and Pearl Jam.

DV: If you could have dinner with three people from history—alive, dead, or fictional—who would they be?
Paul Bunyan, I guess…shoot, I’ve never really thought about something like that. The guys from BASEketball—they look really fun—and the track team from Cool Runnings.

DV: Do you read the Vanguard, and if so, how often?
Yes, pretty often because I work at the Smith Center.

DV: What’s your favorite color?
Vikings green!

DV: Is there anything you want people to know about you?
I’m a pretty laidback person. I really don’t dislike anybody and I get along with everyone. I like a lot of different things like music, getting out, staying in and traveling—I love it.

*This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.