Strickland to Portland? Why not?

As if there wasn’t enough talent on this team, it looks like they may get some more. That’s the rumor in the NBA world this week, as the Blazers appear to be ready to offer Rod Strickland.

Remember Rod? Yes he did play in Portland for four seasons. Other than his daily run-ins with PJ Carlesimo, and occasionally the law, he was a terrific basketball player. You really couldn’t ask for anything more than what Strickland brings to a basketball team. Among small men, he’s one of the best all-time finishers around the hoop and he loves to get his assist numbers up. Strickland likes to pass.

So, what about Stoudamire? This is, of course, his team and now you have three point guards to fight for playing time? The truth is, Greg Anthony is hurting a lot worse then we thought. His shoulders are bad and his ankles are sore. You could very well say Strickland is an insurance policy for Anthony.

So what about the attitude and the bad karma Strickland brings to a team? That’s all we’ve heard about this week since the Washington Wizards waived him.

Strickland is cancer to a basketball team. He brings the stars down, influences players to be on his side, and can’t seem to get along with any coach.

Do you really think Scottie Pippen, Steve Smith and Detlef Schrempf are going to let Strickland come in and disrupt team chemistry? Do you really think Strickland would try that with a team that is contending for an NBA Championship? I don’t think so, and I don’t think it’s possible to disrupt the chemistry with so little time left in the season, especially with this team.

When you have five stars on the floor at a time and five more sitting on the bench, all Strickland has to do as a point guard is pass the ball and get out of the way. Everybody knows he can score.

What he brings that makes coaches crazy is size. People forget Strickland is 6’3″. Not only is he tall, he’s quick and he can post up the smaller guards.

If anything, Strickland will only be here for three months at the most, and I don’t think the Blazers can lose with the addition. This is a guy who had his best NBA seasons while he was here. He loved Portland.

He was a clutch performer who raised his level of play in the playoffs. This is also the same guy who called up Stoudamire last week and asked him how he felt about his return to Portland. Ruin the Chemistry? I really don’t see it. A welcomed addition? You could say that.