Student of the week

Student of the week

Justin “Scrappers” Morrison


This instant honor has been granted to the super-cool Parfait Bassale. The 24-year-old business major earned this weekly grandeur by facing the tragically hip mass’s shoegaze by openly loving the Park Blocks in the middle of campus. Fuck those who can’t keep their head out of the cell-phone long enough to notice how beautiful the world is. When asked why he loves Portland, Parfait tilted his head, closed his eyes, and answered, “The trees, the people, and the sun that only shows up during the summer.” Excellent Work!


Name: Parfait Bansale

Age: 24

Major: business


What makes you student of the week?

Well, my love for the Park Blocks located right in the middle of campus. And my look, I guess.


How do you spend your leisure time?

Making music, playing the guitar.


Why do you love Portland?

The trees, the people, the sun that only shows up during the summer.


Why do you hate Portland?

Well, the rain that only hides out during the summer.


Top 5 Favorites

Lauryn Hill

Bob Marley

New Orleans, Louisiana


The love of my life