Student senate dismisses most of PSU judicial board

The Portland State Judicial Board was left with four vacancies after the student senate rejected three of its members during an annual review process this month.

Under the ASPSU constitution, the Judicial Board can have up to five members, each appointed by the student body president. Justices are responsible for interpreting the ASPSU constitution when students submit questions and appeals. Once a year, the student senate has a month to review each appointee’s letter of intent to remain a board member. Justices can remain by default for up to four years unless voted out by a simple senate majority.

Justices Andy Judd, Michael-Sean Kelley and Aaron O’Donnell were rejected after submitting letters of intent to remain on the board. The senate, dominated by Devaney/Woon slate members, remembered the three justices from skirmishes during and after the ASPSU elections in March.

O’Donnell served on the elections committee for two controversial incidents. The committee cancelled the election in 2004, and in 2005, ruled to disqualify Cassandra Fowler on the grounds that her alleged death threat against the dog of senate candidate Shannon Eikum probably violated the student conduct code, but the committee did not produce a rule that had been broken.

Kelley had served on the Judicial Board in previous years and was reappointed by Christy Harper in Spring Term. The senate questioned whether another year would exceed the four-year maximum and ultimately voted to remove him without finding records.

The current justice is the newly appointed Kenneth Godfrey, who became involved with student government by volunteering for the Devaney/Woon campaign. The Devaney executive staff will nominate new Judicial Board members for approval by the senate.

Applications to be nominated for Judicial Board and Student Fee Committee positions are available in the ASPSU office in Smith 117. All are due July 29.