Summer festivals galore

Although you won’t have class to entertain you, that doesn’tmean your summer has to be unstructured and boring. Why, there’s aplethora of events happening this season that are guaranteed tobring you fun and enjoyment. And while some of them (well, all ofthem) may require a monetary investment and travel, what better wayis there to spend your warm summer days than soaking up the sun ata crowded music festival?

While this festival may be kind of far away (south of Bristol onthe west coast of England), the lineup might make the tripworthwhile. As the largest green field music and art festival inthe world, Glastonbury boasts five stages spread over 900 acres ofmeadow, with bar tents, theater, circus, cabaret and even a placeto keep your kids corralled between sets. Glastonbury donates moneyto Greenpeace and a few other organizations, so you can feel goodabout your purchase if the artists performing didn’t do thatalready.

Where: Vale of Avalon, England
When: June 23
Who: Oasis, PJ Harvey, Wilco, Bright Eyes, Paul McCartney,Starsailor, Morrissey, Joss Stone, Chemical Brothers, FranzFerdinand, The Rapture, Von Bondies, British Sea Power, My MorningJacket, Belle and Sebastian, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, TheWalkmen, The Raveonettes, Stellastarr, Toots and the Maytals,Bonnie Raitt, Chicks on Speed, Sister Sledge and many more.
How Much: Well, it’s sold out. Damn. You’ll have to findanother way.

Burning Man
While the desert may seem like an inhospitable place for an artfestival, attendees still flock to the Black Lake Desert inCalifornia for this celebration of art and creativity. Concertgoerserect a tent city and a sense of community for the weeklong event.Be warned that the only caf� at the festival sells nothingbut coffee, so if you plan on eating then you’d better packaccordingly. There are, however, free cocktail tents to enjoy whileyou peruse the myriad art exhibits the festival offers.

Where: Black Lake Desert, Calif.
When: August 30-September 6
Who: Various artists and musicians who decide to attend. Theevent is unstructured and there is no main stage.
How Much: $200

Our own Pacific Northwest festival of distinction, Bumbershoot hasbeen gracing the foot of the Space Needle since 1971, and it comesat a bargain price as well. Painters, musicians, filmmakers, actorsand a whole batch of other artists (over 2,500) will be representedat Bumbershoot, one of the country’s largest urban arts festivals.Presented by One Reel, a Northwest nonprofit artists’ organization,this event usually draws large crowds and good artists, so it’swell worth the price of admission.

Where: Seattle Center, Seattle
When: September 3-6
Who: The Pixies, Nas, Nickelback, Koko Taylor, Harvey Pekar,Brother Ali and more.
How Much: $15/day, $55 all days. You can also pay more forpremium passes, which nets you food and booze coupons, access to arestricted snacking area and permission to cut in line, among otherthings. Beware though, these passes will set you back up to $295,so ask yourself how important free cheese and crackers reallyare.

The quintessential music festival of this generation, Lollapaloozaboasts an especially attractive lineup this year, stealing some ofthe best from Glastonbury and bringing it closer to us.

Although our fair city is trapped in the midsize hell thatprevents large festivals like this from coming around and asking tostay, the short trip to Washington that it requires to see thisfest is worth it in light of the myriad fine and performing artsthat Lollapalooza will bring this year. Expect all the usual merchand concessions stands, along with’s Revolution Solutiontent, meaning that, even though you’re not on campus, you’re stillnot safe from petition gatherers.

Where: White River Amphitheater, Auburn, Wash.
When: July 14-15
Who: Morrissey, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, Modest Mouse, LeTigre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Von Bondies, Broken SocialScene, The Walkmen, Wolf Eyes, Danger Mouse, The String CheeseIncident, The Pixies, The Flaming Lips, Basement Jaxx, Wilco, ThePolyphonic Spree and more.
How Much: Visit for ticket prices.

The preeminent metal package tour is back as usual, but this timethere’s actually something to be excited about. This year’s eventwill include Black Sabbath, featuring Ozzy Osbourne, and JudasPriest, who have reunited with Rob Halford. Don’t get too excited,though, since you still have to sit through Slipknot to see theclassics.

Where: White River Amphitheater, Auburn, Wash.
When: July 27
Who: Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir,Black Label Society, Superjoint Ritual, and more.
How Much: $

Siren Music Festival
All the way over in Coney Island, Siren brings some fine indie rockbands to the fairgrounds for a free festival sponsored by VillageVoice. Two stages will play host to established and upcoming bands,DJs and other artists. Of course, there will be concessions andmerch stands, and the whole Coney Island Fairground to frolic inbetween sets. This fourth Siren incarnation is one of the best betsfor the summer, since it gives you a great excuse for across-country road trip to New York.

Where: Coney Island Fairgrounds, New York
When: July 17
Who: And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Mission ofBurma, Electric Six, Vue, The Thermals, Death Cab for Cutie, BlondeRedhead, Har Mar Superstar, TV On The Radio, Constantines, TheFiery Furnaces, The Fever, The Ponys, Your Enemies’ Friends
How Much:Free