Surcharge scrutinized by senate

The student senate met Wednesday to examine the new $120 tuition surcharge, as well as to approve general operating questions.

ASPSU President Kristen Wallace addressed the legislative body with an idea of what to expect and why the surcharge was put in place.

The surcharge will at this time remain at a maximum $120 for full-time undergraduate students and a maximum $126 for full-time graduate students.

Monday was the final day for PSU to submit a request to the State Board of Higher Education for an increased surcharge to compensate for more late-coming cuts from the state, but PSU decided not to explore that option at this time.

However, Wallace is not optimistic for the economic future, or future surcharges.

“Discussion for summer term has already happened and students were not at the table,” Wallace said.

Senator Dimitris Desyllas voiced his concern for the lack of student input in the process that assigns surcharges and changes accessibility criteria.

Wallace said ASPU is going to operate get-out-the-vote efforts for Measure 28, the temporary income tax increase which would allow Oregon University System schools to refund the surcharge’s value.

In other business, the senate tabled a bill to approve the new blueprint for the ASPSU offices over a concern regarding computer use.