‘Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust’ launch anti-abortion campaign at PSU

During the second week of May, the national organization Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust visited Portland State as part of their survivors campus outreach tour.

The group displayed graphic images of aborted fetuses and handed out pamphlets containing pro-life information in the Park Blocks.

Many on campus turned to the Women’s Resource Center to voice their concerns regarding the demonstration and their content.

Jessica Amo, director of the WRC, gave a statement in opposition to the organization’s tactics.

“The WRC strongly advocates for student access to medically informed services and non-judgmental support for all reproductive options. We also practice controversy with civility, and therefore supported students in exercising their own free speech rights by respectfully offering alternative information.”

Amo also directed students interested in activism around the issue to contact their reproductive justice action team.

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust responded after their week spent on campus.

“The goal of our outreach was to provoke thought and discussion about abortion,” said Kristina Garza, campus outreach director for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. “Through this discussion, we hope that students will do the research for themselves, come to the conclusion that abortion is wrong, and help bring an end to the injustice.”