Swimming opportunities abound

Looking to cool off this summer, work on that tan or get some exercise? There are a wide range of swimming pools around the Portland area that are gearing up to meet the summer crowd.

The Portland Parks and Recreation District (PPRD) includes 14 different pools, half of which are indoor facilities. According to Nancy Roth, aquatics coordinator, the pools are “much needed and much used.”

Pools in the PPRD offer everything for swimmers from lessons to lap swimming to water exercise classes. Swimmers can pay a daily fee of $2.50 for adults, purchase a punch card or buy a three-month pass to use the facilities.

The Columbia Pool, located on Chautauqua Boulevard, is kept nice and warm between 84 and 88 degrees, year-round. This makes the pool suitable for the elderly, according to Lisa Osterberg, pool employee.

“We cater mainly to the elderly and seniors,” Osterberg said, but she also reiterated that the pool does offer lessons and lap swims for swimmers of all ages.

For more information about the Columbia Pool, call 503-823-3669.

The Dishman Pool boasts a wide array of instructional classes and lessons. According to Gina Pronesti, lead instructor, the facility even offers water-boxing classes.

“We have really great water aerobics classes,” Pronesti said.

For more information on Dishman Pool call 503-823-3673.

Other pools in the PPRD area include Buckman Pool, MLC Pool, Mt. Scott Pool, PCC/Sylvania Pool, Southwest Community Center Pool, Creston Pool, Grant Pool, Montavilla Pool, Penninsula Pool, Pier Pool, Sellwood Pool and Wilson Pool.

To find out more about the PPRD’s pools, call 503-823-5102 or log on to the PPRD Web site at www.parks.ci.portland.or.us.

The Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD) is located just outside of Portland and includes eight pools for residents to choose from. Six of the pools are indoor and are open nearly all year, while the other two are outdoor and only open for a few months during the summer.

All of the pools within the THPRD are set up in similar fashion. The rates are the same at each pool and there are several ways to pay. One way is a daily fee of $2 in-district and $4 out-of-district. Another option is a three month, six month or annual Frequent User Pass.

The Aloha Swim Center offers several fitness classes and lessons for all ages according to Diana Waterstreet, center supervisor.

“What we stress the most is lessons,” Waterstreet said.

For more information about the Aloha Swim Center call 503-642-1586.

The Beaverton Swim Center offers lessons for children and adults with disabilities, according to Meghan Gwin, head guard. These developmentally disabled classes make the Beaverton Swim Center a standout among local pools.

For more information about the Beaverton Swim Center call 503-644-1111.

The Harman Swim Center offers several therapy programs for arthritis sufferers, stroke victims and more according to supervisor Ruth McNamara. This can be done because of the 88-degree water in the pool. For more information about the Harman Swim Center call 503-643-6681.

Other pools in the THPRD include the Conestoga Recreational Aquatic Center, the Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center, the Raleigh Outdoor Pool and the Somerset West Outdoor Pool. For more information about these pools call 503-645-6433 or log on to the THPRD Web site at www.thprd.org.