Packing the classrooms

Recently, more than 250 people gathered at Jefferson High School to attend a listening session regarding potential school closures in Portland’s North and Northeast communities. Board members and the superintendent labeled the move an attempt to balance the student populations within individual schools and allow for a wider range of educational programs to be made available to more students.

A gifted future

The Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust recently made a $1 million donation to Portland State’s University Honors Program. The program, which is the only urban honors program in the state, focuses on building upon PSU’s commitment to community engagement by providing an education to high-achieving students.

Death hanging overhead

When you read a headline containing the words “drone strike,” what does the story usually entail? From my experience, it usually describes a targeted attack in which a few militants are killed along with a handful of civilians.

Arming CPSO

After attending the public forum regarding the boost to PSU’s Campus Public Safety Office’s budget and the deputizing of CPSO officers in December, I came away with the understanding that there are two different opinions on the best way to improve student safety on campus.

Clean air and smoking bans

PSU focuses on “Clean Air Corridor,” shoveling smokers to…where?

As Portland State begins to enforce the Clean Air Corridor—a smoke-free area surrounding Neuberger Hall, Smith Memorial Student Union, Cramer Hall and Lincoln Hall—a simple question arises: Where can smokers go to enjoy their tobacco, and how will the ban be enforced?