Theft from vehicles common crime at PSU

Since the start of 2010 there have been 13 reports of theft from vehicles on Portland State University’s campus, as well as nine reports of damage being done to vehicles, according to a monthly report generated by the Campus Public Safety Office.

Guns prohibited on campus

Following the Jan. 14 incident in which economics professor John Hall accused a student of carrying a gun on campus, many have asked for clarification of the campus weapons policy.

Safety rules to remember

There is nothing more important than personal safety, so here are some important tips on how to be safe on and around campus. You never know when they might save your property, or your life.

Summer safety

With summer’s scorching weather upon us, many students are staying out later and later at night. It is important to know where to go, what to do and who to call if you encounter an unsafe situation.

Responding to two suicides on Portland State’s campus

Dear members of the PSU Community:

I want to make you aware that our campus community has recently experienced the loss of two students, in two separate tragic incidents. The death of any member of our student community is sad and very heartbreaking. In both cases, it appears the students took their own lives.

New campus smoking policy unveiled

Portland State will implement its new smoking policy March 30. This policy may not seem too different on paper, but in the Park Blocks it should be a breath of fresh air. Gwyn Ashcom, chair of the Tobacco Policy Committee (a sub-committee of the Portland State Safety Committee) and outreach coordinator for the Center for Student Health and Counseling, led the way in drafting the detailed proposal.