PSU cancels 79 summer classes

It’s official. We’re in the throes of summer term and the weather has decided to join in the fun. Before long, we will all be complaining about how hot it is since we can now stop doing it about the rain. Ah, isn’t life great? As long as there’s something to grumble about, we’re all good.

The national anthem raises racist hackles

The 2013 NBA Championships are over, and we will have to wait another year for oversized and overpaid players to lift the trophy in triumph once again. Don’t get me wrong, I love basketball—I just liked it better when it was more about the skill of the players than their egos. But that’s another story.

No, you can’t have my passwords

The Oregon Senate just passed a bill that doesn’t raise as many eyebrows as what the bill seeks to prohibit. If made into law, House Bill 2645B would “prevent businesses from demanding passwords to Twitter and Facebook as conditions of employment,” according to KATU News.

Domestic violence—just a women’s issue?

As the Benghazi hearings continue to rehash the difference between calling something an “act of terrorism” or a “demonstration” and the incredibly complex meanings of each, they bring to the forefront the intrinsic significance of language and its role in creating the world we live in.

PSU students have plans for Lombard Street

Rarely do you get a chance to see what your education is tangibly doing for you, or for anyone else for that matter. You sit in your class and repeat French verb conjugations or mathematical algorithms, and while it makes you sound exceedingly clever, that’s probably the extent of its effect your life. Unless, of course, you’re moving to France this summer to date a mathematician.

Pregnant women paid to give up cigarettes

Headlines are a great way to gauge how judgmental you are. The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is almost irrelevant since people don’t read those any more. It’s all about headlines, bylines and taglines. It’s the two seconds when a cleverly crafted phrase catches your eye and tells you its story before you move on to the next one. They’re loaded these days—they have to be.

A thousand reasons

Eight people were reported dead last week after a fire ravaged a clothing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, according to USA Today. This is the most recent incident to hit the country and its garment industry after last month’s factory collapse, in which 1,000 people died.

Teaching about porn in high schools

Pornography might soon be taught in schools in England. According to the BBC, “The Sex Education Forum wants pornography taught ‘in terms of media literacy and representation, gender, sexual behavior and body image.’” They are pushing for it to be incorporated into the general sex education curriculums of high schools.

Kakenya Ntaiya: modern day hero

Kakenya Ntaiya is a hero. Never heard of her? Not surprising. She’s not the kind of person you hear about, or the kind that particularly cares if you have. She’s a woman who has quietly taken the pain and suffering of her own life and turned it into hope and opportunity for others.

Boston bombing reporting an embarrassment

The Boston bombings marred the landscape of our country with terror yet again, and as we move further away from April 15 we are left with a lingering awareness of the evil that lives in people—and, at the same time, the overwhelming good in others. Pictures and stories of true heroes will remain with us.