Spring fever and sunshine

Now that we’ve made it through winter term and are barreling into spring, it’s not uncommon for students to start feeling less than enthused about sitting in stuffy classrooms when just outside there are blue skies, soft breezes and food carts soaking up the sun.

Red Cross’ bloody truth

The American Red Cross has been subject to continued controversy in recent years over its policy of excluding blood donations from all MSMs, or men who have had sex with men. By hosting Red Cross blood drives on campus, Portland State is condoning blatant discrimination against gay students and faculty.

PSU’s conservation challenge

Portland State is currently competing in a national residence hall conservation challenge. The Campus Conservation Nationals started on Feb. 18 and will keep going until the start of “dead week” on March 11. Right now, the university is competing against more than 175 colleges and universities across the U.S. looking to show off their “greenness” by reducing energy and water use in campus residence halls as well as by lowering total greenhouse gas emissions on campus.

Should I get a dog?

Unfortunately for all of the struggling college students out there, puppies will always be cute, even when the bank account is busy being empty. We see a fluffy canine prancing on the sidewalk and can barely contain ourselves from reaching out to ruffle its furriness.

Obnoxious friends

We all have friends that we like to hang out with after school or work. They’re the people who get us to relax and reflect on a hard day, and help us to enjoy what’s good in life. Except sometimes they don’t. These are the friends who go out to a bar or restaurant seemingly never having learned an ounce of etiquette or possessing any sense of decorum.

Before the resume

Searching for a job as a college student can sometimes feel more gruesome than taking a bath with sandpaper instead of soap. Interviewers seem to always have their own idiosyncrasies, from how a resume should be formatted to what shoes you should wear to an interview.

How’s this for an overreaction?

Women’s rights have come extraordinarily far in the last century. We get to wear pants, leave our kitchens and, if we’re okay with being ostracized for neglecting our children, even get careers in lower-level management!

Motivating with money

As Americans we live in a wonderful world of high-stress work environments, tight deadlines and an inundation of social networking that keeps us relentlessly connected. Our bosses demand our time, our energy and our creative inspiration.

Horrific tattoos

It’s hard to go very far in our city without seeing a tattoo. We have so many tattoos, in fact, that NBC News lists Portland in the top five most-tattooed cities in the U.S. Given the abundance of tattoo parlors in the city and all the awesome people running around with colorful bodies, it’s not a surprising label.

Pros and cons at PSU

Whether we like it or not, Portland State is the college we chose for the time being. Every school has its advantages and disadvantages and the same goes for PSU, which has its own set of achievements and disappointments.

Is anti-gun legislation effective?

In the aftermath of the horrific shooting at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School and the tragedy in our own Clackamas Town Center, many Americans are considering pushing anti-gun laws to prevent such atrocities from occurring again.