Take tough stance on Iraq

After reading Ryan Hume’s article on unilateralism (“Unilateral bad attitude,” February 19, 2003) I was impressed by the fact that he admits that Saddam is a ruthless dictator, but said, “It is not our business.” If the future has war written all over it, it’s because Saddam Hussein has not given up his anthrax, mustard gas, chemical weapons, etc., not because President Bush is pushing the war blindly as Hume tells us.

I feel hopeful that our nation and our President will liberate the Iraqi people from a ruthless, murderous dictator and at the same time win part of the war on terrorism that will ensure our future safety and stability. Remember what Marin Luther King, Jr. said? “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” That surely applies to our responsibility to the Iraqis and the North Koreans as well. It is selfish to do anything less.

Enjoy your right to protest and take a minute to think of the millions of people who cannot. It is very easy to criticize and attack our president for his decisions because we live in a free society. We can all be back seat drivers because you and I don’t have the direct responsibility and accountability for national security.

Linda Godfrey,


arts major