The Bizkit’s gone limp

Limp Bizkit’s tour stop in Chicago came up short, literally, for 172 fans who have filed a class-action lawsuit against the group for leaving the stage after just 17 minutes during the Summer Sanitarium tour with Linkin Park and Metallica.

Bizkit singer Fred Durst reportedly stormed off the stage after being angered by some fans who were booing. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Circuit Court of Cook County, Ill., are asking for $25 each to cover Bizkit’s portion of the $75 ticket price. The show’s promotion advertised full sets by each of the headliners.

Although a recent lawsuit against Creed failed in its attempt to win damages on behalf of fans who said the band delivered a substandard performance, those behind the Limp Bizkit suit say this is different because they are unhappy over the quantity, not the quality, of the show.