The changing administration

After 10 years at Portland State, President Daniel Bernstine will move on to a new position at the Law School Admissions Council. As one of PSU’s longest-serving presidents, Bernstine saw the university through immense growth and budget shortfalls.

Portland State president

The president is the face of Portland State. He is responsible for raising the university’s profile within the community, fundraising and managing the upper administration. The president also advocates for the university in Salem and often interacts with student government, signing off on the Student Fee Committee budget each year.

Current: Daniel O. Bernstine

After 10 years at Portland State, President Daniel Bernstine will move on to a new position at the Law School Admissions Council. As one of PSU’s longest-serving presidents, Bernstine saw the university through immense growth and budget shortfalls. Bernstine will now take over as CEO and president of the Law School Admissions Council, which administers the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

Interim president: Find out today

It is expected that George Pernsteiner, Oregon University System chancellor, will propose a candidate for interim PSU president at today’s State Board of Higher Education meeting. At press time, sources in the PSU administration said that potential candidates for interim PSU president were: Michael Reardon, a former provost, vice president, and PSU professor; and Lindsay Desrochers, current PSU vice president for finance and administration. Check later today for updates from the State Board of Higher Education meeting to see if an interim president has been chosen.

Athletic director

The athletic director is responsible for running the PSU athletics program. He is responsible for hiring coaches and raising money for the program. The athletic director also oversees the athletic department’s marketing efforts and must often interact with the Vikings’ boosters. The athletic director manages a large staff of assistant athletic directors who have specialties, such as media relations and marketing.

Current interim: Teri Mariani

Teri Mariani held the position of interim athletic director for over a year following the departure of Tom Burman. Mariani started her career as a softball player at PSU in the 1970s and up until Burman’s departure had served as head softball coach, a position she held immediately after graduating.

New: Michael “Torre” Chisholm

Michael “Torre” Chisholm began his tenure at PSU on May 1, replacing interim athletic director Teri Mariani. Hoping to raise overall awareness for sports programs and increase attendance figures, Chisholm’s primary focus is on marketing Viking athletics to both students and community members with grassroots efforts. He also plans to rejuvenate the student group The Horde, to create a more rowdy and exciting atmosphere at Viking sporting events.

Dean of students

The office of the dean of students mainly works to enrich student life. The dean of students is involved in anything from student government to the over 100 PSU student groups. The dean of students oversees the operation of the majority of student-activity-related services at PSU.

Current: Wendy Endress

Wendy Endress has served as dean of students since 2001 and will be moving on to a position at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash. Endress oversaw a period of rapid growth at the university, including increased enrollment and improved student services. Endress has been praised as a valuable sounding board for students during her almost six years at PSU.

New: Michelle Toppe

Michelle Toppe has worked at four different schools during her 19-year tenure in higher education. Toppe currently serves as the assistant dean of students under Wendy Endress and has worked at Portland State since 1995. She received her bachelor’s degree from Pacific Lutheran University and her master’s degree from the Portland State Graduate School of Education.

Other changing administrators

Chief financial officer (CFO) of the PSU Foundation

The CFO is responsible for the finances of the PSU Foundation, the organization that handles all private donations, private scholarships and private funds for Portland State. The Foundation also stores all alumni and donor databases for the university.

Current: Phillip Varnum

Phillip Varnum will leave at the turn of the fiscal year, on July 1.

New: Unknown

Foundation officials refused to name Varnum’s replacement, but revealed that the replacement is female. Officials will name the replacement on June 17.

Director of business affairs

The director of business affairs oversees the office that is responsible for managing the university’s contracts with federal and private organizations, and provides accounting services for various departments.

Former interim: Myron Roberts

Myron Roberts, the associate director of business affairs who has filled in as interim director for close to a year, will now take over as the director.

Director of financial aid

The financial aid director is responsible for the office that advises, allocates and handles all federal and private student aid.

Former interim: Phillip Rodgers

Phillip Rodgers has been filling in as interim financial aid director for a year and will now assume the job permanently. He has worked in financial aid for 16 years.