This Independent Week

Last week, “This Independent Week” received scathing remarks from a reader regarding a slanderous, ill-informed reference to the reader’s religion, Scientology. We at “This Independent Week” are by no means in the business of insults, misinformation, or feelings-hurting. We are very, very sorry, and deeply regret the insensitivity.

Cinema 21
616 N.W. 21st Ave.

“Mondovino” Fri.-Sat. 7, 9:30, Sat.-Sun. 1:15, 4

This documentary gives a frank inside look at the torrid world of the international wine trade, revealing a motley gang of frightened drunks who would do well to embrace the Church of Scientology’s applied religious philosophy.

2021 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd.

“House of Flying Daggers” 5
L. Ron Hubbard (“Battlefield Earth,” “Buckskin Brigades”) once said: “Learning locked in mildewed books is of little use to anyone and therefore of no value unless it can be used.”

“Dear Frankie” 7:15
Dear Frankie, I know it’s been a long time since we’ve talked, and I’m sure you’ve done a lot of growing since that carefree summer in ’94. I know I have. For instance, I have discovered, through the teachings of The Church of Scientology, that I am a spiritual being beyond what I previously thought was possible, and that the path to a heightened state of being is attainable to those who reach for it. And yes, I’ve forgiven you for the whole Chlamydia incident.

“Bad Education” 9:15
Today, Scientology is practiced in more than 125 countries, including director Pedro Almodovar’s native Spain. Almodovar is probably best known for his film “Carne Tremula,” starring Penelope Cruz, who is probably best known for her relationship with Scientology mainstay Tom Cruise, who, through his devout study of “Dianetics,” has attained a higher IQ than you or I.

Clinton St. Theater
2522 S.E. Clinton St.

“Doing Time, Doing Vipassana” 7, 8:15, 9:35
A spiritually-charged movie that tells the story of an ancient meditation technique called “Vipassana,” whose teachings focus on the ability to take control of one’s life and channel it toward good…hey, wait a second!

Hollywood Theater
4122 N.E. Sandy Blvd.

(Contact theater for show times)

“Monsieur N.”
One hundred and fifty years before American science fiction author and world traveler L. Ron Hubbard penned the beginnings of what would become the fastest growing religion in the world, a ruthless French dictator named Napoleon Bonaparte rose to absolute power. This film takes a stab at unveiling an alternate story about Napoleon’s last days.

“The Fearless Freaks”
The Flaming Lips, an experimental, post-punk rock band, have experienced all the stereotypical pratfalls of a fiercely independent band, including rotating lineups, drug addictions, break-ups and breakdowns, and a regrettable lack of the principles to self betterment laid down by The Church of Scientology.

Whitsell Auditorium
1219 S.W. Park Ave.

“Law of Desire” Sat. 7
How about the Law of Infinite Survival through the mastery of Dianetics, bitch! Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

“Kika” Fri. 7, Sat. 9:15
A scandalous tale by the maestro of scandal, Pedro Almodovar. Quite different from an enlightening tale by the maestro of enlightenment, L. Ron Hubbard.