Three school board members win re-election

Unofficial results for the May 2005 Multnomah County elections indicate that Jean Haliski, Harry Ainsworth, Ken A. Kissir and Sy Kornbrodt have all won posts on the county education service district board of directors.

Voter turnout for the election was only 16.8 percent of registered voters. Nevertheless, some clearly apparent winners emerged by 11 p.m. last night when the results were posted on the county website.

Four director positions were up in the election: Position 2, At Large; Position 3, Zone 2; Position 4, Zone 4; and Position 1, Zone 5.

The most dramatic results were for Position 3, Zone 2, where Ainsworth was re-elected, winning out against competitors with 80.35 percent of the vote. Ainsworth has been on the Multnomah Education Service District Board (MESD) of Directors since 1997, and his endorsements include the Portland Association of Teachers/Teacher’s Voice in Politics (PAT/TVP).

The next winner was for Position 4, Zone 4, where Haliski also came out ahead with 53.15 percent of the vote, ensuring her re-election. Haliski has a great deal of educational experience, including prior elected service for MESD as well as the Parkrose School District Board of Directors, and she has served as chairperson of both of those Boards multiple times. In addition to the same PAT/TVP endorsement as Ainsworth, Haliski was also endorsed by several former and current MESD directors.

Kissir will serve on the Board in Position 1, Zone 5, replacing Patti Swanson. Kissir won 41.66 percent of the vote. His term goals include staying within budget while maintaining quality education for students. Special skills he will bring to the position include an understanding of the importance of education to at-risk children, which stems from his work with the Juvenile Treatment Program.

Kornbrodt was re-elected to fill the last position, Position 2, At Large. Kornbrodt has served on the board since 1996 and received 38.57 percent of the vote. Kornbrodt received a range of endorsements, including some heavyweights such as Mayor Tom Potter, Erik Sten, David Wu and Portland City Council Member Randy Leonard.

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