Time is For Killing

Oct. 6
Learn to breakdance
Beginner 5-6 p.m.
Intermediate 6-7 p.m.
all ages

C’mon son, we’re tired of your sorry attempts at doing the robot evrey time you get drunk. Learn some new moves and wear that vinatge tracksuit with pride.

Oct. 7
White Hot Odyssey with Steve Perry of the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
Berbati’s Pan
10 p.m.

Remember the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies? Now put that into a glam rock context. Then stay home.

Earlimart, The Shore, Man of the Year, Jackie
Dante’s Inferno
10 p.m.

Take it back to the ’95, Straight-ahead indie rock that finally forgets “Kid A” was ever recorded.

Oct. 8
Guerrilla Wordfare
Berbati’s Pan

Hip Hop, jazz, and spoken word benefiting community radio at KBOO.

While this could result in terrible poetry slam-type schlock, the line up here includes local upstarts Suckapunch and the amazing (and amazingly underrated) Siren’s Echo. It would be worth the ten spot for these two acts alone, but also included is DJ Wicked, live painting and so much more.

Oct. 9
Buck 65, Her Space Holiday, Dadelus, Neotropic, Octavius, Jim Bianco
7 p.m.
All ages

Hip-hop groundbreaker Buck 65 joins the stage with space poppers Her Space Holiday and music collage master Dadelus. Buck 65 alone is worth $12. I wouldn’t sleep on this.

The Dirtbombs, The Ponys, The Starlite Desperation
10 p.m.

Double drum rock R&B from Detroit? Get drunk and remember what it means to rock. C’mon-everybody’s doing it.

Quasi, The Joggers and DJ Gregarious
Douglas Fir lounge
10 p.m.

The christening show of Portland’s newest venue, featuring local heroes Quasi. Such a great intro to a beautiful space. BUT WHY DOES GREGARIOUS KEEP GETTING WORK!? Haven’t we heard enough Blondie for a lifetime?

Oct. 10
Taking Back Sunday, Fallout Boy, Matchbook Romance, The Sleeping
Crystal Ballroom
6 p.m.
All ages

This is sold out, boyo! But if you need something to do you can always hang out in front and beg tickets until your mom comes and picks you up. I trust you won’t be alone.

Lorca in a Green Dress
Miracle Theatre
2 p.m.
All ages

Try to taste some culture and forget about rock for a minute. Playwright Nilo Cruz won a Pulitzer prize and the play chronicles the death of poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Go and write me a 500 word summary telling me what you learned.

Oct. 11
Incredible String Band, Joanna Newsome
Berbati’s Pan
10 p.m.

Yes, $16 dollars is steep, but the Incredible String Band is one of the most influential folk/psych bands on the planet. If you like Devendra Banhart, Belle and Sebastian or anyone in-between you will be doing yourself an incredible disservice by missing this. Oh, Joanna Newsome is genius.

Oct. 12
Lloyd Banks after party
Berbati’s Pan
Details mysterious

No one knows what’s going on here, even the venue, but this is Lloyd Banks of G-unit. 50 cent anyone?!

Just hang around outside, and salivate at the thought of spending time with some of the country’s most iced. It’s rare in Puddletown, so it’s worth it.

FO-AM, a horror film by the Phantom Hillbilly
9 p.m.

I know nothing about this film, but I know a little something about the Phantom Hillbilly. And that is he is RAD! I have total faith this will kick your ass.