Time to get physical

The rain is gone, and spring is in the air. Spring recreation opportunities are immense, and it is time to get out there and enjoy the sun.

The rain is gone, and spring is in the air. Spring recreation opportunities are immense, and it is time to get out there and enjoy the sun. Portland State offers many workout and outdoor opportunities. Beyond campus, the city and surrounding parks are gearing up for bikes, hikes and everything in between.

Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching, and the Outdoor Program at PSU offers rental equipment for camping, backpacking, climbing, rafting and kayaking. Equipment rental is affordable and convenient for both students and the public who want to explore the parks and coastal spots near Portland.

Rates are reasonable, but are double for non-students. With the exception of higher-priced rafting and kayaking equipment, most items range from $7 to $30 for the night, with additional days at half price. The Outdoor Program is located in the Rec Center.

With equipment rentals available, the next step is finding the right spot. Oregon offers a variety of camping environments from lake, river and shore side spots, along with locations in the Cascades. A starting reference point is the Oregon campgrounds link found at www.oregon.com. Here individuals can do everything from browse each location’s amenities, to reserve a campsite.

Camping is not for everyone, and Portland State understands that. For the more low-key outdoor activities, the outdoor tennis courts on the south side of Shattuck Hall are open for students and the public to enjoy a laid back workout.

Stepping off campus, the waterfront offers various bike rental facilities. Renting by the hour, or for the full day, businesses like Kerr Bikes and Waterfront Bikes offer rentals for every different need. Waterfront Bicycles is located on the corner of Naito Parkway and Ash Street on the waterfront. This company is for the more experienced bikers and they offer everything from cyclocross, hybrids and cruisers to road bikes.

Their rates are dependent on the type of bike, with the kids bikes and basic cruisers ranging from $6 to $9 per hour. The more specific higher-quality bikes are only rented by the two-hour or longer time blocks, and range from about $20 to $40.

Kerr Bikes is more targeted at the family-friendly options. They are located on the waterfront north of the Hawthorne Bridge, next to Salmon Spring Fountain. This shop offers everything from a basic cruiser bike to tandem options, low riders and two- and four-person surreys.

Rates at Kerr Bikes vary: basic bikes are $9 to $10 an hour, with the surrey built-for-two priced at $20 an hour, and the four-person surrey at $30 hourly. Kerr also provides riders with routes they can take along the waterfront paths and the distance and difficulty of each.

For individuals seeking a more vigorous workout, the hiking options around the city are a way to get out of the gym routine and explore Oregon. Portlandhikersfieldguide.org offers various maps and routes throughout the Northwest. Site users can specify whether they are interested in everything from a family hike, all season, hot springs, and even off the beaten track.

Springtime in Oregon unveils many opportunities for exercise and outdoor enjoyment that the winter rain keeps hidden. So whether it is a quick tennis match, camping trip at the coast, or a hike with the family, Oregon is full of options. ?