Tips to stay sane and comfortable during finals

With the excitement of a few weeks of free time comes the stress and hassle of finals. We know they’re coming and like to pretend they’re always a safe distance away, but inevitably they sneak up on us. So getting dressed in the morning (or afternoon, no judgment) can be a bit of a struggle.

The key is staying comfy, but not looking like you just rolled out of bed (even though you probably did). There are a handful of tricks to keep you looking alive, when you’re barely hanging on. No time to shower? No worries.

When you can’t peel yourself out of those soft and plush blankets quickly enough to get in a pre-class shower, you have to find ways to improvise—and fast. Think comfortable. Oversized scarves make amazing blankets between classes, and the library is often quiet enough to catch a quick nap.

While clothes can’t make you smarter, you sure can look good while you’re struggling to pass classes (not that any of us would even have a grade pending on a final). However, you can wear things like oversized scarves and hats to disguise your sleepiness.

In fact, did you know there’s such a thing as a scarf with pockets? This scarf can be entirely handy for stashing notecard, pencils or snacks. Or it can just be a stylish way to stay comfortable and look chic during finals.

Wearing pajamas in public really isn’t socially acceptable after five o’clock, so you should consider a routine that suits your time constraints and keeps you looking, well, older than five. Besides, leggings and sweater pants are the new public pajamas for adults.

Consider these options over those old, ratty plaid pajama bottoms to keep you both comfortable and professional in appearance. Plus, there are studies that prove dressing for success is a thing. If you look good, or feel that you look good, it can feed into your thought process. And nobody has a good thought process in pajamas.

In the end, when it comes to final exams and student living, time can get pretty strained. It’s important to take care of yourself and your personal needs in order to ensure success. Okay, now your attire may not be that important to you, but taking an extra five minutes to do something that makes you feel happy will help you relax a little, or feel more positive vibes, and that really pays off in the end.