To our readers

In the interest of editorial transparency, the Vanguard editorial board feels that it is important to disclose a series of events affecting the Vanguard.

Beginning March 13, Vanguard Editor-in-Chief Matt Petrie, who was then news editor, began a relationship with Molly Woon, then student government vice president-elect.

Petrie disclosed the relationship to then Editor-in-Chief Christian Gaston and Managing Editor Ryan Hume, who asked him to end the relationship because they felt it was a conflict of interest and due to the appearance of bias potentially damaging to the integrity of the newspaper.

Petrie recused himself from covering student government for the entirety of spring term. Hume took over all editorial decisions pertaining to the Associated Students of Portland State University.

However, Petrie continued his relationship with Woon. On June 2, Hume removed Petrie as the news editor after learning that the relationship had continued.

Soon thereafter, Petrie, who officially took over as Editor-in-Chief on June 16, ended his relationship with Woon and informed the newly-hired editorial board of the situation. The editorial board has discussed the situation at length and as a group we are confident in the Vanguard’s ability to report fair and accurate information.

Woon has since resigned as vice president of ASPSU for unrelated issues (see article, page 1).

If you have any questions or concerns about this issue or anything else please feel free to contact either Managing Editor Leathan Graves-Highsmith (503-725-3883, [email protected]) or Editor-in-Chief Matt Petrie (503-725-5691, [email protected]).