Top five bars with patios

The covered “outside” patio always stays warm with plenty of overhead heaters, but the hanging bench-swings are where the real fun is.

East Burn

1800 E Burnside St.

The best bar patio in Portland. The covered “outside” patio always stays warm with plenty of overhead heaters, but the hanging bench-swings are where the real fun is. East Burn features two levels and lots to explore. There’s a restaurant area upstairs, a full bar downstairs and swinging benches inside and out. Entertainment comes easy with video games, skee-ball and a nice selection of board games. Food is unique, creative and organic. Beer connoisseurs will appreciate the quality tap list as well. Be aware that the atmosphere can really vary from one night to the next. Some weekends it’s relaxed and laid-back, while other nights it can turn into a techno dance club.  

Cheerful Bullpen

1730 SW Taylor St.

Located right across the street from PGE Park, the Bullpen is a fun place to be, especially before and after Portland Timber games. The cuisine is what you’d expect for a sports bar, mainly serving burgers, fries and beer. But it’s a great dive bar, if you’re into that sort of thing. There are enough televisions, a pool table and plenty of sports paraphernalia hanging from the walls. The outside patio is where it’s at, however, with lots of picnic table seating, a couple heat lamps and a humungous tree standing guard in the middle.


600 E Burnside St.

Rontoms boasts an expansive patio area with a fire pit for the smokers. Late nights can get lively outside in the summers, including ping-pong tables to burn off the calories. Dimly lit, industrial and very cool. A warehouse-like space provides a nice gathering spot for large groups. The music is loud, but the atmosphere usually stays social. There is a quality selection of food and drink, including a very worthwhile happy hour menu. Free concerts and other entertainment attract the local hipsters, although the crowd can be pretty diverse on a given night. Just know that getting a drink can turn into survival of the fittest on a busy night. 

Doug Fir Lounge

830 E Burnside St.

Spacious and full of rustic décor, the Doug Fir provides a relaxed, warm and welcoming atmosphere inside the timber-lined walls of its lounge. The outside patio is enormous, complete with fire pits to keep patrons warm and help set the mood. Also, the place is often full of attractive people, which is usually a plus.  

Bye and Bye

1011 NE Alberta St.

Say hello to a comfortable setting, including a long diner-like bar lined with shiny stools and plenty of thought-provoking art on the walls. There’s outdoor seating in the front and a spacious smoking patio out back, plus the large umbrellas and heating lamps make it easy to smoke in safety.  The drink selection is creative. Don’t miss out on the strange but fun “Bye and Bye” drink (Southern Comfort, peach stoli, cranberry juice and soda) mixed and served in a Mason jar.