Train not in vain

Five women in bridal gowns isn’t the first image that comes to mind when thinking of a gay rights march, but the Portland State Women’s Resource Center is aiming to change that.

A new organization, Het Brides for Gay Rights, has formed and conducted their first march last Friday through downtown Portland.

The group, led by resource center head Aimee Shattuck said that response was largely positive, with only a couple of disapproving "thumbs down" gestures.

"I think that people are looking for something to do, now that 36 passed," Shattuck said.

Lynn Fairweather, newly married, believes that gay marriage doesn’t have a negative impact on the tradition of marriage.

"I don’t think that gay marriage threatens my heterosexual marriage," Fairweather said.

While the group is serious about gay rights, their protest is clearly meant to evoke a light-hearted attitude.

"The bridal industry would really benefit from supporting gay rights," Shattuck said. "These dresses are expensive."

The Women’s Resource Center will conduct the group’s next march on the first Friday of December.

The group is also looking for an accordion player to accompany them with a wedding score.