Tribute to Beth Tarasawa

For the last four years Beth Tarasawa has been a vital part of the Vanguard family. She began right out of high school as a writer, halfway through her first year she took the leap to sports editor and hasn’t looked back. She perfected the art of managing sports fanatics, putting together a solid, informative and entertaining section and still contributed infinitely to editorials, features and more.

But Beth is more than just the Vanguard sports editor. For the last two years, she has been a beloved peer mentor working with Chris Carey in Faith and Reason. She has also worked as a teacher’s assistant in the sociology department. A sociology major, Beth is graduating this year with honors and has been accepted on a full ride scholarship with a paid teacher’s assistantship to Emory for graduate sociology work.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to work with, live with or study with Beth knows that she is one of the most amazing people around. She is extremely humble and is surely embarrassed by this unabashed display of her accomplishments.

But as her Vanguard family, we cannot let this final issue go by without publicly saluting this person who has given so much to our campus community.

Beth, your generosity, veracity and candor has helped us grow, both as individuals and as a group. You have been honest when others did not have the guts, quiet when you knew we needed to grow on our own, guiding when we just needed a hand. Thank you.

Erin, Jason, Trish, Kara, Gavin, Chris, Cory and Jud