Two Words: “SEA” “HAWKS”

Blazers, Timbers and Ducks games are known to be the best fan experiences. All have reputations for being some of the loudest and most exciting venues in their respective sports.

However, there is one Northwest sporting event that trumps all: a Seattle Seahawks game. Though the ticket prices, beer and food are the most expensive of all the regional sporting events, it is well worth it.

CenturyLink Field is known to be the toughest stadium to play in all of American professional sports. There is one reason for this: the fans. Known by the football world as the 12th Man, Seahawks fans have generated more noise per fan than any other in the league. From the moment you walk up to the stadium, you hear the sporadic—yet boisterous—chant of “SEA!” followed by other fans yelling “HAWKS!”

Located next to King Station between Downtown Seattle and the industrial blocks, there is plenty of space for fans to
pregame. Whether it be at an over priced bar, in the Bullpen at Safeco Field or in any of the many tailgate sites, there are a variety of places for fans to experience what it means to be a part of the 12th Man.

One word of advice: For those who have sensitive ears, be sure to pack a set of ear plugs, because the noise generated reaches upward of 120 decibels.