‘Vanguard’ introduces new International section

The Vanguard is excited to announce the new International section. International will be dedicated to broadcasting global news relevant to Portland State and the surrounding community, reporting on the vibrant and thriving international and cultural community at PSU, and exploring and opening ourselves and readers to new perspectives and ways of thinking.

A university publication should be representative of its student body and campus culture, and international affairs have historically been underrepresented in the Vanguard. This new section is the first step in solidifying these topics’ place in the newspaper and underlining our recognition of their importance.

Due to limited space and resources, the most responsible action is for us to shift our coverage and our focus to that which has the largest impact at PSU.

To allow for this change to happen, we will be shifting resources and print space away from PSU sports coverage. Beginning this issue, the Vanguard will no longer have a dedicated sports section or editor. Though our coverage of sports will not be as in-depth or as frequent, there are other resources for keeping up to date with Viking sports. Goviks.com is a great place for news and updates on PSU’s sports, and the Rec Center has an incredible host of clubs, which you can learn more about on its website.

We are incredibly excited about this change and welcome you to come and take part in it.