Wanted: student leadership��

Portland State is currently on the lookout for student ambassadors for the 2011–12 academic year.

Portland State is currently on the lookout for student ambassadors for the 2011–12 academic year. Student ambassadors are student body leaders and university representatives that act as liaisons between PSU and the community.

According to Student Affairs Outreach Coordinator J.R. Tarabocchia, a student ambassador’s role, in short, is to represent the student body to VIP persons, prospective students, university donors, alumni or other university affiliates.

In addition, student ambassadors run the Viking Information Center, which is essentially a welcome center for new and prospective students. Other duties include acting as a link between students, faculty and staff and serving on various university committees.

“We look for students who are academically solid and who can demonstrate a passion for PSU,” Tarabocchia said. “Students must be comfortable to talk to any constituency, from the president to parents.  Students must be able to work well in a team as well as individually.”

According to current ambassador Jorge Urzua, anyone can apply to become a student ambassador. If a student is interested in the program, they must download and fill out an application.

Urzua said that the application process includes a group interview. Final candidates will be interviewed individually by the selection committee, which consists of Tarabocchia and other ambassador coordinators.

“On a personal level, the Student Ambassador Program has enabled me to grow exponentially on many levels, [such as] aspects of my academic and personal life,” Urzua said. “The networking opportunities available through the program are immeasurable which, as college students seeking employment past our PSU graduation, is highly valuable.”

Commenting on an ambassador’s workload, Urzua said that the program is flexible towards students’ academic and personal life.

“Having the experience to work with members from the program is…rewarding because everyone is motivated, successful and exceptional individuals who are destined for a prosperous future,” Urzua said. “I would like to take the chance to inspire all PSU students who seek a life-altering experience to apply for the Student Ambassador Program and invest in the process because it will pay great future dividends.”

Students interested in becoming a student ambassador can visit www.pdx.edu/dos/student-ambassadors to complete and submit an application. The application deadline is Feb. 4. ?