Who’s Who at PSU

1. Daniel Bernstine


Bernstine is the head of Portland State and has the ultimate responsibility for everything that goes on within it. He is also the university’s chief ambassador, representing you at all levels around the United States and internationally.


2. Roy Koch

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Koch is responsible for everything that has anything to do with academics at PSU: curriculum, deans, faculty, accreditation, etc. He is particularly concerned with the role of growth at PSU and its impact on students, faculty and available space.


3. Erin Devaney

President, Associated Students of Portland State University

Devaney is the student-elected president of the largest four-year university in Oregon. Identifying herself as a progressive, Devaney hopes to forge a stronger relationship between the ASPSU and student groups on campus, as well as finding ways to better represent non-traditional students at Portland State.


4. Victor E. Viking

Mascot in Residence, Portland State University

Mr. Viking is the official mascot of Oregon’s largest four-year university. In addition to providing morale and doing a great deal of public outreach, Mr. Viking attends many PSU sporting events, decked out in the school colors of green and white, and never fails to sport his signature two-horned helm.


5. Michael A. Driscoll

Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Budget

Driscoll oversees faculty employment, collective bargaining and the academic budget. He is part of the collective bargaining team for PSU, working with the American Association of University Professors and the American Federation of Teachers Union.


6. Terrell L. Rhodes

Vice Provost for Curriculum and Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Rhodes acts as dean of general education. He oversees the undergraduate curriculum process, serves as the institutional liaison for accreditation, and chairs the Advisory Committee on Academic Information Technology. He also oversees the undergraduate research program, including the availability of Undergraduate Scholarly and Creative Activity grants.


7. Tom Burman

Athletic director

Whether you’re interested in participating in the sports program or in watching it happen, you’ll be enjoying the direct results of Burman’s actions. He has been instrumental in overseeing improvements to sports programs and facilities at PSU and to the increasing presence and strength of women’s sports.


8. Mike Soto

Chief, Campus Public Safety Office

Soto has overall responsibility for the safety of students, faculty, staff and the physical presence of PSU. With the CPSO team, Soto provides law enforcement services to the PSU university district, and an interface with the City of Portland Police.


9. Aimee Shattuck

Women’s Resource Center

Shattuck, a 2001 Masters graduate of PSU, coordinates the Women’s Resource Center. She supervises the Returning Women Student’s Program and the Interpersonal Violence Advocacy Program and interfaces with Portland agencies, including the 24-hour Women’s Crisis Line. The WRC hosts a number of events throughout the year, including the Vagina Monologues, International Women’s Day and weekly Stitch and Bitch gatherings.


10. Tina Cooper

Chair, Student Fee Committee

As chair of arguably the most powerful student group or committee on the PSU campus, Cooper is charged with heading the committee that allocates funds to student organizations. The funds come from the incidental fees paid by all PSU students. If you belong to a club or ever start up a new one, you may find yourself petitioning the Student Fee Committee for funds.


11. Cathy Dyck

Interim Vice President of Finance and Administration 

Dyck is responsible for all things financial at Portland State. She oversees the university budget and budget planning process and ensures sure that both operate within the structure imposed by the Oregon University System. She stands behind capital projects and developments at PSU.


12. Douglas Samuels

Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Samuels is responsible for all aspects of student life at PSU, academic and non-academic. The activities that you engage in while a student at PSU will largely fall under the mentorship of Samuels.

13. Helen Spalding
University Librarian and Director, Branford Price Millar Library

As the library’s director, Spalding is responsible for the maintenance and growth of the PSU Millar Library, and for programs and services offered by the library. She oversees the library’s collection of over 1.3 million books, computer laboratories and extensive research facilities. The Millar library also serves as Oregon’s Regional Depository for federal government, United Nations and current state and municipal documents.

14. Gil Latz
Vice Provost for International Affairs

A professor of geography and international studies, Latz sees to PSU’s reach into the world beyond campus. He works to expand the international vision of PSU students, brings international students to PSU and gives PSU a concrete world presence by creating international partnerships.