Who’s who at PSU


Daniel Bernstine, president

    In his position since 1997, Bernstine is the chief ambassador and the man responsible for all aspects of Oregon’s largest university. He has been at the helm of PSU in a time of dwindling funds from traditional sources and increased interest in bringing a greater number of international students to PSU.


Lindsay Desrochers, vice president of finance and administration

    Beginning her second year back at PSU after a 10-year absence, Desrochers is done getting settled in her new role, a position comparable to a chief financial officer. Desrochers keeps track of all budget planning at Portland State and is one of the core leaders behind new development projects within the university.


Mark Gregory, associate vice president for partnerships, planning and technology

    In this newly created position, Gregory takes on the huge task of focusing the direction of the university’s growth and partnerships within the city of Portland, while keeping his finger in the information technology pie. Lindsay Desrochers has stated that this position was created for Gregory to help her get a handle on the future of PSU.


Dresden Skees-Gregory, PSU sustainability coordinator

    Skees-Gregory’s challenge is to attempt to minimize the campus’ impact on the environment while ratcheting down energy costs of a dwindling budget. She finds resources to invest for long-term impact on current building projects, restorations and retrofitting. Recently certified as “salmon safe,” the campus has more to accomplish after Gov. Ted Kulongoski instructed all state buildings to switch to 100 percent renewable energy by 2010.


Mike Soto, chief of the campus public safety office

    Open all day, every day, Soto’s officers patrol our campus, upholding Portland’s laws and campus rules. Working closely with the security chiefs of other area universities as well as city and county officials, Soto looks to anticipate potential emergencies, putting plans in place should the emergencies actually happen.


Roy Koch, provost and vice president for academic affairs

    As chief academic officer, Koch leads the academic side of the university, including such hot topics as negotiating with the faculty union about salaries and determining which academic departments get funded. This is Koch’s second year in this position.


Courtney Morse, ASPSU student body president

    Narrowly defeating her opponents, Morse is the head of the Portland State student government. Morse has created an energy conservation plan for the campus and said she has been wrestling with the folks at Higher One, hoping to come to a better understanding of who they are, and how students can benefit from their services.


Madeline Enos, Student Fee Committee chair

    As chair of a committee that handles close to $10 million in student fees, Enos heads the group responsible for doling out the cash to student groups on campus. With last year’s controversial and emotional “3 percent off the top” reduction to all granted student group funds, some folks are surely still smarting and looking for a better solution this year.


Ryan Klute

    Narrowly losing his bid last spring for ASPSU student body president, Klute is still an outspoken opponent of the current Morse/Bufton administration. Though he’s graduated, Klute is starting a master’s in public administration at PSU and is working within the Student Activities and Leadership Programs office. Klute plays a big role in the relatively small Greek Life at PSU.


Teri Mariani, interim athletic director

    Mariani sure knows PSU sports, after 29 years as the PSU head softball coach. While the school looks for a replacement director, Mariani fills the big shoes of departed veteran Tom Burman.


Jonathan Uto, president of faculty and staff union, AAUP

    Leading the faculty and staff in a time of slashed budgets and growing student population, Uto leads a group with many valid concerns about the future of its livelihood. Faculty and staff at PSU earn less than their counterparts at other Oregon universities, which trickles down to our professors most acutely, and they are pissed.


Myron Kingsbury, KPSU station manager

    Operating since 1994, Kingsbury heads Portland State’s student-run radio station. Keeping our ears happy with a wide variety of musical genres and information for the PSU community, the station runs 24-7.