Who’s Who, Tracy Earl

Tracy Earl, a senior student in Accounting with a Communication minor, is serving the elective one-year term as chair of the Student Fee Committee. She has been a member of the fee committee for two years and thus can claim considerable experience with the responsibilities that go with the job.

The Student Fee Committee allocates funds to the various student organizations from a pool of fees gathered from students. The committee must decide how to allocate those funds according to budget requests, hear appeals and implement student fee guidelines.

The committee reports to the Student Senate and works with the Oregon Student Association on issues related to student fees.

Earl’s announced agenda includes examining the current stipend system of payment for student jobs with a goal of updating stipends. She wants to settle on a standard policy for student travel per diem expenses, a matter under controversy. She also aims to improve communication between the committee and student organizations.

Earl’s office is with the general student body offices, currently located in the basement of Smith Memorial Center.