You’re so fancy, Pearl already knows

Whether you just finished your last final, want to impress someone on a first date, or when the Cheerful Tortoise or Rogue Hall don’t fit your definition of a fancy night on the town, you should consider moseying on over to the Pearl District to satisfy your upscale desires.

One of the best benefits about enjoying a night out in the Pearl is that the MAX and Portland Streetcar can usually get you no more than a 10 minute walk from wherever you want to go. This means no DUIs and no dirty cab rides. If you happen to stay later than public transit operates, it’s only a 30 minute walk back to campus.

No matter how you plan to get to or from the Pearl, once there, you are in for dazzling sights, ambrosial beverages with exotic names and a plethora of mouthwatering foods to dive into.

However, one thing must be noted—the Pearl’s establishments can get quite pricey. Rather than have you bounce from place to place trying to figure out which is the best, this guide to a fancy night out in the Pearl will provide you with some great options to satisfy your Kardashian-like taste.

Before any successful night out on the town, it is wise to ensure that your stomach contains enough food to soak up the alcohol you are sure to enjoy. The beautiful thing about the Pearl is that, unlike other bars that serve you mainly fried food, it has a diverse array of palette-pleasing food options for you to choose from.

The new food and beverage spot that has everyone buzzing is the Mediterranean Exploration Company. Located on Northwest 13th Avenue, MEC provides a great selection of Mediterranean cuisine. The food is spectacular, but what is even more pleasing is the environment they have created. Using an open kitchen concept, the diners sit at large community tables that provide a unique communal vibe. If you have never eaten in an environment like this, you should definitely give it a try.

After filling up on your favorite dish, the next step is to find a great place to indulge in a tasty beverage. Teardrop Cocktail Lounge is a delightful place to enjoy a well-made cocktail. Teardrop is located on the 1000 block of Northwest Everett Street and offers a dizzying array of cocktails to choose from. With their mission “to help revive the lost art of mixing drinks, striving for balance in every glass,” it is no wonder their cocktails are the favorites of many Pearl regulars.

You are now full and have a good buzz going. The last thing needed is a perfect place to cap off the night. Located on Northwest 11th Avenue and Alder Street, JackKnife has the perfect mix of fun and class needed to end the night properly. Subtle lighting, beautifully stained hardwood floors, two fireplaces and plenty of nooks and crannies provide the perfect opportunity to get lost in your guests’ company. Feel like dancing? Tucked away in the back corner is a perfectly sized dance floor to boogie the night away.

All-in-all, a night out in the Pearl can be quite pricey, but well worth it for the right occasions. From delicious food and beverages to environments unique to the Pearl, there is no better part of Portland to enjoy a fancy night out on the town.