News to Me

Today is our day-off from production, and the office is quiet. There is, however, no shortage of work to be done outside the office, as today is Party in the Park. We had writers, editors, and photographers alike (those who weren’t busy with others stories) working the Vanguard booth, and wandering around the park blocks talking, reporting, and photographing.

As is the nature of news jobs, the work doesn’t really ever end. The deadline of one assignment is the start of another, down time is only an opportunity for another story to squeeze its way in. As frustrating as that can be sometimes, for me at least, it’s the draw. This job comes with an immense involvement in the PSU Community, campus, and everyone involved, students and faculty alike; in addition to gaining experience and building a strong portfolio (and of course, the massive pay-checks), that connection is one of the major perks.

As you may know, we have a lot of new things happening at the Vanguard; the start of this term and production cycle has been hectic but rewarding. In addition to the Editor’s blog and the Photo blog, we’ve got a new video editor, and a newly redesigned paper, both online and in print. If you haven’t fully explored the new website yet, that’s definitely something to do. I’m proud to be working with the staff that we have, and I hope that pride is evident in our finished product.

Stay tuned tomorrow, I’ll be posting the photos from Party in the Park on the photo blog.