25 minutes a night, no question?

This past summer has been filled with trade demands by some of the NBA’s biggest stars, so it’s no wonder that one of Portland’s own would also be demanding a move to greener pastures. The only difference is this Blazer is far from a star in the league.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mr. Ruben “I like babysitters” Patterson. His summer-long quest to get out of the Rose City culminated on Monday when Patterson addressed the media. “All you guys know what I can do,” he said defiantly, attempting to justify why he deserves “25 minutes a night, no question.” If Patterson wants any time at all he will have to earn it and learn when to shut up.

Patterson is under the impression that “the fans here love me” and he is partly correct. Portland fans do indeed appreciate his hustle and his heart on the court. But as has been the case recently, Blazer fans would much rather see some heart off the court instead.

What Ruben must realize is that his actions over the past few years (in which he has both abused his wife and an underage babysitter) are more than just distractions. They are serious character flaws.

It’s sad, but he simply doesn’t have the talent to make up for his lack of sense. Trade demands can only be met if there are two willing participants to the deal. Don’t think that Blazer John Nash, the Blazers GM, wouldn’t love to offload his troublesome small forward on some unsuspecting team.

However, Patterson’s reputation is too far reaching and no GM worth their salary wants to bring a registered sex offender into their city.

Barring a miracle, Patterson will most likely remain a Blazer this season, and that alone spells trouble for the chemistry of this team. When Coach Maurice Cheeks was asked about Patterson’s request for 25 minutes a game he burst out laughing. His teammates have warned him publicly if not directly to remain professional and learn to suck it up. He will have to, because there are clearly more talented and public relations friendly players on the roster this year and Ruben is now looking at drawing the short straw as far as playing time. “Give me my minutes,” he demanded when asked what would make him happy.

“I’m so upset right now,” he muttered while shaking his head when someone asked how he felt toward Blazer management. His displeasure is well documented and aimed squarely at John Nash, who Patterson accuses of not trying hard enough to make a deal. It is unfortunate that Patterson makes so much money, because the Blazers would probably benefit from just waiving him and cutting their losses. Once self billed as a Kobe stopper in reference to the Lakers star, Patterson now finds himself with his career stopped, and the only thing in common with Bryant is his sexual deviancy.