Anonymous 1


Do you smoke?




What made you want to start?


Friends, I guess. Peer pressure?


Do have any other vices besides–


I used to drink but I don’t any more. I used to drink a lot.


Besides tobacco and alcohol do you have any other vices?


I smoked a lot of weed, but I don’t anymore.


What is it about weed that makes you want to smoke it?


I guess…I get to turn my brain off…and it’s a release, I don’t want to say it’s a release but it kind of is, you don’t have to think and it makes you happy, it makes you smile.


Do you think people use vices in order not to think?






Cuz they don’t want to think.


Why don’t they want to think?


Because growing up sucks! You get stressed out, you wanna have a beer, you wanna smoke a bowl, ya know?


You said you’re broke, you can’t buy weed, how do you relieve stress? How do you go about trying not to think?


I go to the park actually where’s there’s nothing and you don’t have to think. I have my thoughts but I try not to think about thinking.


So why don’t you do that instead of smoking pot?


Because I like to smoke pot.


Do you think it’s easier than going to the park? Takes up less energy, maybe?




Do you think you’re lazy because of that?


Sometimes…but then I get high and I’m like ‘let’s go skate!’


Do you have any non-chemical vices?




Why is skateboarding a vice?


Cuz it makes me tired and I get my frustration out.


Why don’t you skateboard instead of–


Because it makes me tired and then I get lazy and then I want to get high. It’s like a cycle.



Anonymous 2


If chemical vices were to disappear, what would happen to the world?


There’d be a lot of angry, stressed-out people.


How do think people would relieve their stress?


Have a lot more sex?


But what if you couldn’t get laid?


You’d be fucked.


Well, no you wouldn’t be fucked.


(laughs) I don’t know…(silly voice) Have to read your Bible…


Do you think people would read the Bible?


I don’t know, maybe as a last resort.


Do you think religion would get more popular? It has been called the opiate of the masses, do you think that’s true?


I don’t know, that’s something to think about….I don’t know.


Do you think some people rely on religion rather than drugs and alcohol?


Sure. Some people are crazy about it.


Do you think it’s healthy?


Not when you’re–I don’t know, if it makes sense to say that you’re abusing it, some kids around here go to church every freakin’ night.


What’s wrong with going to church every night?


Nothin’, what’s wrong with getting drunk every night?


Well, it’s bad for your body–you could drive and like run into something and die and kill somebody else. With religion you can’t kill anybody–well, you–


(laughs) Crusades?!


Oh yes…do you think people can get drunk on religion?


I don’t know…I guess that like instead of getting that warm drunken feeling in their belly they get warm fuzzies from–




Did you choke on that?


God? Yes, God makes me choke.



Anonymous 3


I see you’re smoking.


I’m not a smoker though.


Why are you smoking?




Because why?


I only smoke like one or two a day.


You’re not a smoker but you’re smoking and you seem pretty comfortable with it. You don’t seem awkward, usually I’ll see people who don’t smoke and they’re smoking, and they have a really awkward look as they smoke.




I think so.


Oh no, just one or two cigarettes a day.


When did you start this habit?


Like three months ago.


Why did you start?


The stress of school.


There are other ways of releasing stress. Why didn’t you turn to those? Like you could go for a walk or something, or don’t you have time?




So, do you think people turn to vices as a means to relieve stress?


I think a lot of people do.


What other vices do you have?




Why do you consume caffeine?


Y’know, I don’t know–cuz it tastes good.


I don’t think so.


Really? Well, you’re drinking a coffee!


I am drinking coffee, but I don’t think it tastes good, I just like caffeine.


I actually like the taste of it.


But you don’t get a buzz or anything from it?




Do you get a buzz off of cigarettes?




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