60s garage punk is alive and kickin’

Dee Dee Ramone, City Girls��� Boys, Goddamn Gentlemen, The Riffs, Tonight, &Satyricon
125 N.W. Sixth Ave.
(503) 243-2380
21 and over
$10 advance from Fastixx

Either a thinking man���s drinking band or a drinking man���s thinking band, the Goddamn Gentlemen will be playing at Satyricon tonight with Dee Dee Ramone. Talking with Kyle Huth between classes at PSU, he described the band as ���dirty ’60s garage punk����.

Huth (drums) is a history major here at Portland State and would like to one day teach high school history. Mark Gastar (vocals, guitar), David Rives (lead guitar), James Winters (bass) and Jason Flemming (keyboard) complete the lineup.

The band has played around town quite a bit and released Chariots of Fire Spitting Cobras on Last Chance Records in 1999. The band has been around for four years, two with the current lineup. In July they will release another full-length CD, Sexcaliber Horse Power.

Influenced by bands like The Replacements, The Rolling Stones and ’60s garage rock bands like The Pebbles and The Nuggets, the band has received positive response on a local level.

The Goddamn Gentlemen will be touring this summer in the Midwest and here on the West Coast in support of the new album.

College and a music career can be almost impossible to balance, but Huth says, ���I always keep in mind that my father tells me to keep school first.���� Good advice, Dad.

Huth’s biggest concern is ���mostly time.���� Not only does he play with the Goddamn Gentlemen but with The Marquises de Suave as well. Huth may be serious about school, but he puts a lot into his music as well.

���We are all pretty serious musicians,���� Huth said. ���but everybody does this out of enjoyment no matter what band they���re in because there isn���t a lot of money in it.����

Huth commented that it is ���a huge favor when other people in the band step up���� to take on the business side of things. He said, ���James (Flemming) does a tremendous amount of legwork, promotion and making contact with people.���� He also was very appreciative of the extra effort other members of the band make in order ���to make all of these schedules fit together.����

As I stood to leave, Huth shook my hand again and thanked me for the interview. What do you know, he was every inch a goddamn gentleman.