A smorgasbord of student services

Visit admissions with any questions about becoming a PSU student and how/when to apply.

Financial Aid
Financial aid supports students with their questions regarding scholarships, work study, and federal aid. Visit financial aid with any questions you may have.

Visit registration if you have questions regarding your transcript, course withdrawal or cancellation, or petitions and appeals.

Advising and Career Services
ACS assists and encourages professional development and employment among PSU students and alumni. They provide advising services and host workshops and events throughout the year.

The Learning Center
The Learning Center provides tutoring for students. Check out the Learning Center’s tutoring schedule online.

Student Health and Counseling
SHAC provides health services such as STD testing, counseling, and regular appointments. They also provide condoms, cough drops, and OTC pain medication for free. Contact SHAC for scheduling, or visit during drop-in hours.

Services for Students with Children
SSWC provides and advocates for resources for students with children. Visit SSWC for child care on campus, family resources such as clothing for children, and information regarding family study spaces and lactation spaces around campus.

Women’s Resource Center
The WRC supports and advocates women attending PSU. Visit the WRC for information on their events. They also provide students with menstrual hygiene products courtesy of the Portland Menstrual Society.

Campus Public Safety Office
CPSO provides assistance and support for students. Contact CPSO immediately regarding harassment or assault. They also manage the lost and found, as well as the campus policy.  Blue light emergency phones are also placed around campus for immediate help.

Student Legal Services
SLS provides legal advice and services for students paying student fees enrolled in 4 or more credits regarding bankruptcy, consumer law, employment, family law, immigration consultations, name/gender change, small claims, personal injury, and traffic law.

PSU Food Pantry
The PSU Food Pantry, run by student volunteers, provides food and other resources for students taking one or more credits.

Open M–F, 12:30–2:30 p.m.

Disability Resources Center
The DRC provides support and advocates for students with disabilities. The DRC also provides reasonable accommodations, classroom assistants, and other resources.