A&C Calendar

Friday, April 30

The Epoxies, The Stitches, Broken Bottles, The Punk Group,& The Gays
Sabala’s, 4811 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd
The Casio-rockin’ Epoxies join the fast, furious punk of TheStitches for a show that promises to mix things up, in case yourtired of the new-wavey synth shtick by now. I know I am. The stupid’80s revival has annoyed me to the point where I don’t even want tolisten to the Knack anymore. And that makes me sad.

Tequila Tasting – Vanguard Pick
Hotel Oregon
6:30 p.m.
$30, 21+
Calling all rich folk, or just serious drinkers! For a paltry 30bucks, you can hang out with your pals Jose Cuervo and Don Julio.Hearty appetizers are guaranteed, but a reservation is a must toensure your place at this celebration of the groadiest of hardliquors. Call the Hotel Oregon at 503-472-8427 to secure a spot foryourself. Maybe you should bring someone else too, since Jose hasbeen known to get a little nasty if you spend too much time withhim.

Urge Overkill, Bloom, The Last Vegas – Vanguard Pick
Berbati’s Pan
8:30 p.m.
$15, 21+
Urge Overkill is back to live it up in rock style, despite theirrelative underground alt-rock status. If you don’t remember them,they covered “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” for the”Pulp Fiction” soundtrack, which played during the scenewhere Uma Thurman cokes it up. This was around the time they brokeinto the mainstream (sort of), ditched Touch and Go and starteddown the path to breakup. You should catch them while they’re stillaround, and $15 isn’t too bad a price to pay, either.

“Red Trousers: The Life of the Hong KongStuntman”
Clinton St. Theater
7:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Weekdays
4 p.m. Sunday
Through May 6
This surely awesome film profiles the exploits of some of themost famous stuntmen in the world. Documentary and action are woventogether to give a clearer picture of the stuntmen, called RedTrousers in Hong Kong, and their death-defying trade.

Steve Kimock Band
Crystal Ballroom
8 p.m.
$17, $20 door
Genre-spanning virtuosos come to Portland in a display of theirimprovisational composition skills. They are headed up by guitarwizard Steve Kimock, hence the name. He strays dangerously close tojam band territory, having been involved with Grateful Dead andPhish members.

SK and the Punk Ass Bitches
Twilight Cafe
“True Saviors of Rock and Roll” SK and the Punk AssBitches have a lot to celebrate, having just released their firstCD after a few years of rock and roll togetherness. They also havetheir very own label, We Got Records, and are gearing up for sometour action as well. Is there anything these crazy kids can’tdo?

Lincoln Hall Studio Theater
7:30 p.m.
This play deals with sex, drugs, rock, high school and more,with a big helping of tension and humor added for good measure.Deal with your own bitterness over having a failed life with thehelp of PSU’s production of Eric Bogosian’s play.

Ten Foot Radius
Crystal Ballroom
6:30 p.m.
$5, 21+
Jam band. Eww. They play funky, proggy rock, and their tendencyto noodle all over the place has gotten them listed on JamBase.com.If you like jam bands, however, you should check them out. It’s abargain for you. As far as I’m concerned, I would only attend ifthe Crystal paid me five bucks.

PSU Opera Theater Presents “Die Fledermaus”
Lincoln Performance Hall
April 30, May 4, 7:30 p.m.
May 2, 3 p.m.
The title “Die Fledermaus” sounds cool and kind ofscary, doesn’t it? It is, since the English title is “Revengeof the Bat.” Unfortunately, the play is not scary and insteadis more oriented towards mischief, singing and high spirits thanbats exacting their blood-sucking revenge on humanity, which wouldbe far more entertaining.

Saturday, May 1
Morse Code Heartbeat, Fourth Rotor, Shamelady
Twilight Cafe
Metal grind and electric noise will befall any who venture tothe Twilight in the twilight (Ha! Ha!) hours of Saturday, courtesyof Portlanders Shamelady and Chicagoans Fourth Rotor.

Ron Jeremy Vs. The Sassy’s Girls, Ryan Katz, PornoKaraoke, Adult Trivia – Vanguard Pick
8 p.m.
$12, 21+
Retired and gross-looking porn star Ron Jeremy capitalizes onhis newfound kitsch value and does some kind of porn-tacularblowout featuring trivia and porno karaoke, whatever the hell thatis. I am sure that this is all superlatively entertaining aftermany drinks, however, and as such recommend it if you don’t want tosee any music tonight, (or if you just go to Dante’s every nightanyway).

The Third Mind: Collaborations by Eric Stotik and TomCramer
Opens May 1
Aalto Lounge, 3356 S.E. Belmont
Two artists passed the drawings in this exhibit back and forthbetween each other to create a new and unique “thirdmind,” both figuratively and literally. Artists Erik Stotikand Tom Cramer placed clues to the “third mind” (anactual artist) in the pieces, and viewers are invited to try anddiscover it. If you can, then you will win a fabulous prize ofartwork.

Everyone Orchestra
Aladdin Theater
7 p.m.
$22.50, $25.00 door
This event is billed as “music activismimprovisation.” This sounds suspiciously to me like a bunchmore crappy jam band wankery, especially since it features bignames from Phish, Garaj Mahal and a cast of more stinking hippies.Proceeds will benefit the Pangea Project, which aims to bring theworld back together (metaphorically) like the supercontinent ofyore that it’s named after.

Sunday, May 2

“An Exceedingly Dangerous Woman: The Radical Life ofEmma Goldman”
Guild Theater
7 p.m.
Photographs, interviews and clips are fashioned together bydirector Mel Bucklin to create an in-depth and engrossing chronicleof radical and free-thinker Emma Goldman. The director will bepresent to introduce her film and take part in a post-show paneldiscussion with the curator of the N.W. Film Center’s”Anarchists and Film” series, of which this is a part.Don’t miss out on the fun!

Monday, May 3

Toots and the Maytals – Vanguard Pick
Music Millennium N.W.
7 p.m.
Even though reggae legends Toots and the Maytals are playing atthe Roseland on the 4th, you can catch them at Music Millennium,which probably has better sound quality than the Blows-land anyway.And you won’t have to shell out 20 bucks to those Vanguard-hatingjerkwaters either. This is an opportunity to see pioneers andhistory makers in an intimate environment, and you shoulddefinitely take advantage of it.

Morse Code Heartbeat, Mustaphamond, Life At These Speeds,They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down In The Snow
Meow Meow
7 p.m.
Major, distorted hardcore rawness will be delivered by thisparcel of Grey Sky Records groups. Plus, how could you not becurious about a band called They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down InThe Snow?

Tuesday, May 4

Of Montreal, The Minders, Blue Skies For Black Hearts
9 p.m.
$ 6, $7 door, 21+
Besides having sweet album art, Of Montreal’s intense andidiosyncratic psychedelic pop isn’t too shabby. Couple that withthe Minders’ Beatles-obsessed chamber pop ? la Apples In Stereo andyou’ve got yourself a good ’60s bash. Maybe you can meet up with atangerine dream and smoke some grass with her afterwards.

Wednesday, May 5

Death Cab For Cutie, Ben Kweller, The Thermals
Crystal Ballroom
7 p.m.
$15, $17 door
Since I have no problem with Ben Kweller (I actually find myselfliking him when I see his video playing at Nordstrom’s) or theThermals, I would normally recommend this show. However, Death CabFor Cutie throws a big monkey wrench into the works of what couldbe a good show. I strongly encourage you to boycott thispretentious bunch (that I avoid for personal reasons), who alsohappen to be horribly overrated.