Activism equals education, democracy, rallies, voices of the people

I am an advocate of progressive social policies, therefore I am an activist. Activism is much more than rallies and marches, although these are very good methods to bringing something to the attention of the public. Activism also includes educating the public about the things that happen everyday throughout the world that directly or indirectly affect their personal well being. This is my first year at PSU and I have been an intern with OSPIRG all three terms. I originally got involved with OSPIRG because I have always been concerned about the health of the environment. OSPIRG has taught me how to speak up for the environment through grassroots organizing, utilizing the power of the people instead of money. Most activist groups function around grassroots organizing because they don’t have as much money as big businesses and more importantly, that is where the people’s power is – within the people. And in a democracy isn’t it the people that are supposed to have a say in the decisions of their society? I have been a college student for almost a year now and I have learned so much about our world and the various elements that fuel the machine of white supremacy and the patriarchy. These elements are all found in the world’s policies concerning the environment, women, children, race, gender and differently-abled minorities, international trade, etc …, all of which are interconnected. I have also learned that money has a major voice in our society. The voice of money is heard over the voices of millions of people who want freedom. This is why I am an activist, this is why I am on the student senate, this is why I am in college, and this is why I support other campaigns that are part of the movement of progressive social policies. Activists are taking a stand, as well as participating in their right to democracy, together in hopes that they will be heard by the leaders of the world. After all, Let freedom ring!

Lauren McCartney
OSPIRG chapter chair
citizen of the world