Editor Pick of the Week: Harvey’s Comedy Club

A couple weeks ago, my cheeks and abs were killing me from laughing, at Harvey’s Comedy Club in northwest Portland. From the first of three openers to the main act, I was laughing my ass off for two hours straight.

Granted, the comedians who perform there usually aren’t what you would refer to as famous, but they should be. Each one of the comedians had the audiences roaring after a couple minutes of walking into the small and intimate showroom.

The brick building is classy and quaint, giving you a feeling that Ron Burgundy is drinking a scotch a few booths down. Speaking of which, if you have more than three people, I suggest you skip the booths and reserve a table; the space can get a little tight with a full house.

Don’t, however, skip the menu. Come hungry and thirsty, because they have a full bar and tasty food! Their menu has a wide array of different prices and options. Plus, the service was incredible; our waitress was there to refill drinks and take our orders throughout the entire show.

Take a night with a couple friends, or maybe a break-the-ice date with that special someone, and head out to Harvey’s Comedy Club for a show.