After narrow Big Sky loss, Vikings rally to pulverize North Texas

The Vikings showed no mercy on Saturday as they took the fight to North Texas to chew up their rivals in a soaring 66–7 victory.

The win puts the Vikings at 4–1 for the season, an improvement over last year’s final standing of 3–9. Their victory comes on the heels of their first loss of the season, to Big Sky opponent North Dakota.

It also marks their second victory over an FBS opponent for the season; in early September, the Vikings also fielded a history-making win against Pac-12 team Washington State at Providence Park.

The onslaught started early with a forward pass by Alex Kuresa to Darnell Adams for a touchdown at 7:30 in the first quarter. Nate Tago cut through the center for a 15-yard rush to his fourth touchdown this season, bringing the score to 14–0.

Tago then went to start the second with a one-yard push to the end zone to bring the Vikings to 21.

From then on it evolved into a game of big yardage. David Jones ran away with the ball just a minute later for a 70-yard takeover of the gridiron, a feat he would repeat in the third after an undefended pass completion for 60 yards.

Thomas Carter walked in unchallenged after a 56-yard pass in the second. Oregon City’s Mitchell Thomas spun through a chaotic defense from handoff to end zone for a 68-yard rush in the fourth.

The Mean Green ouster provides an immediate rallying cry for Portland State after their narrow defeat at the hands of North Dakota. Their upcoming showdown this Saturday against Big Sky contender Montana will be a game pitting the Bobcats’ fierce offense against the Vikings’ formidable defense in a matchup the Vikings need to prove their mettle.

The FCS Coaches Poll places the Viks and the Cats at 17 and 16, respectively, making this visit to Providence Park a key battleground for both teams.