Aladdin Theater


Aladdin Theater

All ages

3017 S.E. Milwaukie


The Aladdin Theater is one of Portland’s classier joints, with a large, sit down main area and a concession stand. An all ages venue, the Aladdin is host mainly to rock, pop and folk artists, with most other imaginable genres (not much hip-hop/electronica here … ) showing up from time to time. The stage is large and the interior is well outfitted with plush seats, (a plus if you’ve accidentally come to a yawn-tastic performance and would be standing if you’d gone anywhere else). Food and beverages are limited to bottles, cans and bags, with nothing being prepared fresh. If you’re looking to booze it up here, it’s not going to happen, since the Aladdin is 100 percent all ages. Do your drinking beforehand.

One plus of the Aladdin is their up-to-the-band policy on recording and photographs. It’s always important to check it out first, though, since you don’t want to be forcibly ejected from the premises, minidisk recorder in hand. Local talent makes an appearance here from time to time but, on the whole, performers here are likely to be more on the major label side. Tickets here can run a little high (45 bucks for the “A Mighty Wind” concert … yowch!) but if you have the cash, you might as well head over.