All PSU education students pass

Portland State University’s Graduate School of Education recently submitted its Title II Report Card with a perfect score.

The Title II Report consists of a comparison of teacher licensure test statewide, the number of students in the teacher education programs and the student to teacher ratio in practice teaching.

Its purpose is to inform Congress about the quality of teacher preparation programs. The report card is a result of an amendment to the Higher Education Act in 1998, in an effort to better monitor the quality of teacher preparation.

On April 9 Portland State reported its 100 percent licensure exam pass rate to the state and touted its unique aspects as an urban institution.

“As Oregon’s urban university, we take very seriously our responsibilities to help ensure there is a competent and caring teachers in every classroom. We are fortunate to attract people to our program who have strong academic records and passionate commitments to helping all students achieve at a higher levels,” said Phyllis Edmundson, dean of PSU’s Graduate School of Education, in a press release.

The School of Education prepares around 250 general and special education teachers a year in post baccalaureate/graduate programs.

There are 622 enrolled students in the GSE. Of those, 17 percent are from traditionally underrepresented minority groups. 75 percent of the graduates will remain to accept teaching positions here in Oregon. This is the highest among Oregon public institutions. Portland State students provide 150,000 hours of support to students in public schools annually.

Portland State, along with every teacher education program in the state of Oregon, reported a 100 percent pass rate this year.