Annual book sale offers cheap finds

It’s that time of year when the PSU Library gathers up thousands of books, tapes, CDs and periodicals to sell at its annual book sale held in the Smith Memorial Center Ballroom May 14-16.

The goal is to exceed $10,000 in sales, which will go directly to the Millar Library for materials and services, said director of library development Chuck Johnson. “We’ve been slightly under that in the last two years.”

Hardbound books will be sold for $1 while softbound books will go for 50 cents. Books that are found to be of most interest and value will be placed in a separate room with various prices.

With rising costs of tuition, housing and student fees, it comes as a relief to hear the words, “cheap books.”

The sale includes two aspects. “It is designed to make money, but we also appreciate the fact that it benefits the students,” Johnson said.

Books will include the genres of non-fiction, fiction, science, children’s books, history and periodicals. “It’s a mixture with anything and everything,” Johnson said.

President of the PSU Friends of the Library Board Doug Porter said he hopes for “a bigger, better and hopefully record-setting book sale.”

The Friends have supplied volunteers and contributions to the library for the past eight years, and will be helping to set up, distribute and sell books this year.

Last year, opening day saw students, faculty, staff and book lovers packing the ballroom in an effort to get first pick of the thousands of books available in the sale.

Volunteers are needed for set-up day, Monday, May 13. Anyone interested in getting a first-hand peek is asked to call Bob Lockerby at 503-254-7032.

More volunteers will be needed after the book sale to help load the books onto trucks.

For questions or other information concerning the book sale, contact Chuck Johnson at 503-725-8918 or e-mail [email protected]